For domain names availability, buyer must contact prior of making an offer...

Rent: For more details, candidates must contact…


Basic Rent Requirement: One year full rent agreement is required; plus 10% deposit at a price agreed upon. Note: If you don't complete your original agreement, deposit is none refundable. Monthly rent payment must be paid on the date/s, agreed upon. In the event you are unable to fulfill this agreement, please contact buys domain names here and there from  GenMembers; so you will have to be a GenMember. Zero fees to be a member.

Rent A Spot, lets you rent a hot spot for your awesome domain names. There is a tiny fees for listing your domain names on the front page. 


Fees: Three months rents for 5 domain names .49cents

        Six months rents for 10 domain names $1.99

        One full year rent for 5 domain names $4.99

        One full year rent for 10 domain names $ 6.77


Please contact for more details...


Note: We only accept exceptional domain names; only the best! And if your domain name/s gets some attention will contact you. 

Layaway: will keep your domain name/s off the market, until full payments are completed. There will be 7% initial down payment at a price agreed upon. In the event you don't complete your layaway/installment plan, your deposit will be returned; minus restocking fees. Restocking fees is at 5.5%... for more details please contact No interest fee on all layaway domain name/s.


Important: Value above $100.00, payment method via               

               Value less than $100.00, payment method via 

                     All sales are final.

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